My name is Monica I live in Seattle, Washington on a sailboat named “Infinite Sloop.” Although my degrees are in Film & Video, French, and International Studies, I have an affinity for computer languages and building websites. I tinker with JavaScript, HTML and CSS. SEO and social media are also passions of mine. I spent a couple of years researching User Experience. I'm also an aspiring 'maker', and during my free time you can usually find me playing with arduino. I dabble in 3D. I occasionally draw bizarre comics.

This is just a taste of my work. You can see more by connecting with me on behance, github, or any of the above social media, or by writing me at monica[@] You can also learn more about me by visiting my blog

UI Design

  • Betty Jo Costanzo - Artist
  • Inscape Arts
  • Homebass Radio
  • Willard Help Desk
  • The Comforts of Home
  • Karlstrom Associates


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    BettyJo Costanzo - Wordpress Site

    The Seattle-based artist Betty Jo Costanzo designed a beautiful site featuring her work. I created a near pixel-perfect website based on her design. The Wordpress format allows Betty Jo to edit and add to her own site using the super simple Wordpress wysiwyg.

    The theme is based on "Responsive".

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    Inscape Arts - Wordpress Site

    Inscape Building, a looming antique building in the International District, is Seattle's former immigration detainment center that has since been turned into art studios. It is also home to Jigsaw Renaissance, the maker space where I serve on the board.

    While Inscapes' site was beautiful, no one knew how to update it. I was tasked with porting the site to an original wordpress theme that would be easily editable. I also used the Buddypress framework to create a portal where every studio could have their own website and calendar, as well as an internal discussion forum.

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    Homebass Radio - Wordpress Site

    Homebass Radio was one of my first original Wordpress Themes. Homebass Radio was an online radio station operating out of Philadalphia.

    Electric colors and a grunge background showcase the dupstep played on the station.

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    Willard Help Desk - Drupal Site

    The Willard Help Desk site was the first website that I ever built. My manager called me into te office one day when I was working at the help desk and asked if I knew how to build websites. "Sure," I bullshitted. "Could you build a Help Desk site by Monday?" It was Friday. "Of course," I gulped.

    I didn't sleep at all that weekend. The first version was literally a chopped up PSD with some very basic HTML and CSS. When I showed it on Monday, my manager asked if I could use a CMS instead. I didn't know what a CMS was, but I was already in over my head, so the next week I learned Drupal and built the site as a Drupal site. I served as Webmaster for the Willard Help Desk for a year, and over that time the website went through several variations as I learned about web standards, image optimization, and SEO. I am so thankful for that opportunity.

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    The Comforts of Home

    HTML Site

    A simple HTML site built for an energy rater, The Comforts of Home website is graphics heavy yet optimized for fast loading times. It served as an experiment for me in pushing graphics to the limit to create a visually interesting site that also is practical and works quickly.

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    Karlstrom Associates - Wordpress Site

    The Seattle based construction company, Karlstrom Associates, needed a website to showcase their handiwork. I worked with them to create a simple site with large galleries that would allow architects and clients to explore their work online.

    Wordpress was the perfect choice for the site, as it allowed me the flexibility to design a site to the required specs, while providing a simple wyziwig for employees to upload photos and add descriptions. The theme is based on "Minimatica" by OneDesigns.

Logo & Icon Design

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