After work on Friday I had to taper immediately into the weekend. As we know this is always a difficult task if you haven't been practicing. Luckily, I had been practicing since Thursday and was quite warmed up. Still, it was challenging, especially since I was overbooked.Drew, my awesome coworker and neighbor, drove me back to my apartment, where I debated taking a taxi and taking the bus across town to The Corinthian Yacht Club. See, I have already made yacht club friends. I didn’t even need to read a boating book in conspicuous places, or jump out at unsuspecting customers in a boat store. All it took was a bit of networking. And by networking, I mean rock climbing (I love the word “networking” because it can mean anything. In fact, I spent most of this weekend networking). Our guide, Mountain Man Matt, had friends from work who had lived on a boat since 1996. He connected us, and I spoke to his friend Marge on the phone. She invited me to the Yacht Club’s Membership Drive.  “I’ll be there. What do you look like, so I know who to look for?” She asked. “I’m about average height, short brown hair. And really really ridiculously good-looking.” I spent the half hour after getting home from work stressing about how I was going to get to the Yacht Club by 7pm and then to downtown Seattle by 9pm and still have time to get changed for the Bonza Bash. I ran around getting absolutely nothing done and finally decided to just throw my dress in a bag and call a cab. I still don’t have my address memorized. The company called me to tell me that the first cabby had ended up in Ballard because I had given him the wrong directions. So I tried again, and this time the cab showed up and whisked me over to Shilshole Marina where the Corinthians have their club.

I was a little nervous walking in, especially since I was still dressed in my work clothes and carrying a big bag containing my formal dress and shoes for Bonza Bash. The first thing I did in the club was get a glass of wine, since that’s what everyone else seemed to be doing. I tipped the bartender a dollar, and he handed me my tip back. Then I realized that he wasn’t a bartender. He was a club member who was volunteering as a bartender. Oops.

Of course Marge recognized me immediately from my description. She introduced me to some very helpful sailors, including Al and Lou, who are an encyclopedia of boating information, and Bruce, who is teaching Rookie Rally, the boat racing course that starts in two weeks. I signed up and will be learning to race boats starting Monday, May 7th. Don’t worry. When I am a member of the Yacht Club I will still talk to my friends.

The Corinthian Yacht Club is primarily a racing club, but there were several people who had lived aboard. They were fun, friendly and helpful. In fact, they were so helpful that I accidentally stayed and talked until 9pm. Thankfully, a couple of sailors dropped me off downtown, where I put my dress and shoes on in five minutes in my friends' bathroom, left my street clothes at my friends’ house, and rushed over to Bonza Bash, the most formal party in the tallest building in Seattle.

I had planned to meet some other Seattle people in the Polar Bar, but when I walked in, the place was empty and a bartender told me that they had just left. I asked the bartender how to get to Colombia Tower. “It’s one block up the street. Also, it’s the tallest building in Seattle so you can’t really miss it.”

I have to say, the view from the Colombia Tower bathrooms is amazing. Each stall has a spectacular picture window. Helicopters flying by must also get a great view inside.

Seattle’s Social Whore was there, wearing a classy hat and chilling with a group of beautiful ladies. Except that according to this video I must now call him “Seattle's Social Light.” Also, for your viewing pleasure, here I am. Ok, that’s enough of that.

Don't worry. Even though I am famous I will still talk to you. And you can follow me on twitter @houston_monica. Alright, that's enough networking for the weekend.