Glenfiddich Scotch Tasting

It may have happened a week ago, but's never too late to write about an enjoyable Scotch Tasting. You know you're an adult where you actually go to a scotch tasting and sip glasses of fine, aged scotch rather than mixing your friend's parent's scotch with coke and chugging it at a sloppy house party. Not that I ever did that. Last Thursday I had the privilege to a Glenfiddich Scotch Tasting at Seattle's secret startup basement, "The Easy" (@founderscoop).

While waiting for the event to start (and I did wait, despite the fact that three glasses of scotch were sitting at my place, tempting me) I took pictures with new friends in the photobooth, provided by Zagat, one of the event sponsors. I now have pictures of Mitch Bechard (@GlenfiddichMB, our host, wearing a pink feather boa and feather hat. Blackmail? Likewise, Peter Fosso (@peterfosso) was a good enough sport to put on some funky glasses and take pictures. I didn't even have to ask Jeff Shilling (@coctailparty) to take silly pictures - he was more than willing to don a gladiator outfit and ham it up in the photo booth.

After taking pictures, Mitch became (somewhat) professional and gave us the Glenfiddich spiel. I don't know much about scotch so it was very informative for me. We tried a twelve year, a fifteen year and and eighteen year scotch. All three were aged in American wood barrels. I learned how to add a couple of drops of water using an eyedropper to take the edge off of the scotch. My favorite was the eighteen year, and after the tasting I enjoyed a glass with the delicious buffet. Thanks to Charles Koh (@charleskoh) for hosting a great event!