Lucky Flight

This is the story of how I ended up flying first class to Seattle. Last week when I found out that I hadn't gotten a driveaway I sadly bought the cheapest ticket I could find to Seattle. It had layovers in Detroit, Kansas City, and St. Paul. I had packed my bags to take as much weight I could possibly carry. I love flying but this seemed like it was was going to be the flight from hell.

I got to the airport at 5am this morning after sleeping maybe one hour. I was checking two suitcases. When I weighed my first suitcase it weighed 58 pounds. Delta's weight limit is 50 pounds. Luckily the other suitcase weighed 42 pounds, so I just transferred the heavy stuff from one to the other.

On the plane I got to sit next to my friend Barb. Everything went smoothly and we got to Detroit early but my next flight was delayed because of technical problems. I waited for an hour and worked on Eloquent JavaScript because there was no free WiFi (coincidentally, I finished four lessons in one sitting. Maybe not having internet is a good thing). Around 10am they informed us that the plane repair was not getting anywhere and gave us all meal vouchers for our patience. I told them that I'd just missed my connecting flights, so they gave me a first class ticket on the next direct flight to Seattle at 3:30pm. I hypnotized myself by walking back and forth in the magical Detroit airport tunnel until I was tired enough to take a nap.

The next flight was so full they asked us to check our carry-ons, but I still got to sit first class (I think I supplanted some people who were waiting for first class seats hehe). I've never ridden first class before so I wasn't really sure what to do. If this ever happens to you, just so you know, the tray is hidden in the armrest and you can ask for as many snacks and drinks as you want. Also, the meal is free. Don't worry about eating too much because there is lots of extra butt room in case you gain weight. I told the guy sitting next to me about my job and he gave me some good financial advice.

"It's as easy to love a rich guy as it is to love a poor guy. If you ever meet a guy you want to marry, save some money and send it back to your parents to save for you. Don't tell the guy. If you make it to your 25th anniversary you can break it out then and have an awesome second honeymoon."


"Save, save, save, and invest, invest, invest. Make sure you save some money every month, and start saving now. I'm sure you'll do great!"

I'm sure I'll do great too! I got to Seattle early and found out that my bags had gotten lost somewhere on the four flight changes they had done without me and weren't due for another hour. For the "inconvenience" they gave me some more meal vouchers. Cool.