First Day

Ça y est. Je viens d'y naitre. J'sais pas ou je vais, ni ou j'suis,  Mais tous veulent y être.

That's it. I was just born there.  I don't know where I'm going, or where I am,  but everyone wants to be there. 

Today was my first day of work. It felt a bit like my first day of school. Grade school. I played games with the other new hires out in the parking lot and ate a lot of snacks. Like, a really lot of snacks. We actually watched a video about work etiquette and not eating a lot of snacks, but I did it anyway. I think I've always been a rebel.

I also sat in a massage chair with controls in Japanese. If you pressed the yellow button and then pressed the button with the sun on it it would massage your whole back, but if you pressed the button with the moon on it it would massage only your butt. That kind of makes sense.

It was a beautiful day, and a great first day. A good day for a fresh start.