Bike to Work

I'm on a biking-to-work roll. I have biked every day this week. Because guess what people? May is bike to work month! If you aren't already in on this trend you should start now. Tomorrow is Seattle's official "bike-to-work" day, so just for biking to work I get free donuts and treats. I understand that there will also be some refreshment stations along the Burke Gillman Trail - wait, I just rechecked the stats at this blog - there will be OVER 60 refreshment stations set up for those biking to work! Holy bike shorts batman! Check out the map online here. My first stop will be Ravenna park, where the Snoqualmie Nordic Club will be holding drawings for some giveaways. Next I'll hit 8050 35th street, where coffee, bike maintenance, & air will be available. Next stop will be 113th St & the Burke Gilman Trail where I can get my trail mix on. I'll ride by the stop at Burke-Gilman Trail & Ballinger Way NE in Lake Forest Park, sponsored by the LFP B.O.O.K. Club. It doesn't say what they're giving away - beer perhaps? Next stop is Logboom Park in Kenmore sponsored by Corpore Sano Physical Therapy & Sports Performance. My final stop will be at the trail behind Cascadia Community College, which offers bike assistance by Bicycles West. I'm not sure what bike assistance is - maybe they'll offer to push me up my final hill?

Wow, this is just another reason that having a twelve mile bike to work is awesome!